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It is said that we are educating students today for careers that do not yet exist. Therefore, it is imperative that we offer them the tools to face an ever-changing world in a confident and effective way. Our vision is to offer the rising generation a comprehensive academic foundation, a broad worldview, and a moral compass that will guide them personally and enable them “to give back to the world with intelligence, confidence, integrity, and kindness.”

We offer

your child a whole-person approach to education: spiritual, academic, social, and physical.

Our International educational program within a Christian-values learning environment was designed to provide families with a strong ally and partner in the raising of well-rounded citizens.

You are cordially invited to explore this website and contact us for a personal visit, to find out just how your student can grow into the person they are intended to be.



Leading out a new generation of children in their life path “For sound advice is a beacon, good teaching is a light, moral discipline is a life path.”

Proverbs 6:23 (MSG)


Lighthouse International School is an independent, college preparatory school that exists to develop the whole child through a vibrant, Christ-centered environment and a comprehensive academic program, so that they may grow to give back to the world with intelligence, confidence, integrity, and kindness.

A Word

From Our Principal

"  I am committed to making Lighthouse a safe and active place, where healthy relationships are the lifeforce for learning academics, friendship, and love of God. I am always available to serve in any way I can, ensuring that the vision and mission of the school are upheld and effectively carried out. "

- Carlos Zelaya


Core classes in English taught by native-speakers.


participation in interscholastic sports

extracurricular activities offered

annual student-hours of community service


nationalities represented

diplomas for graduating seniors US, IB, MEP


graduation rate for local and US diplomas

Our School

Know Our Services

In Lighthouse we offer a great variety of services, we invite you to know each one of them.

Learning Support Program
No one student is alike, and differentiated instruction is needed to ensure all students are given the opportunity to learn. Students with special needs are supported by a team of devoted professionals who provide additional coaching and reinforcement in second language acquisition and academic accommodations.
Lighthouse has a healthy-food policy to help our students learn proper nutrition habits, understanding that growing bodies need a balanced approach to develop alertness for learning and resistance to illnesses. Students who do not bring their food from home may choose to buy from the Cafeteria which offers a wide variety of healthy options of snacks and lunches that are prepared on site. The menu will is sent out weekly. This service is optional and is paid separately.
We offer an optional bus service that includes routes to the following locations: Escazú, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colón, Pavas, Guácima de Alajuela, Belén-Panasonic. Compliance with all laws pertaining to student transportation are strictly adhered to. All buses have seatbelts, insurance policies, undergo periodical mechanical inspections, and are staffed by two responsible adults who make sure students travel safely and orderly on each trip.
Our graduates are well prepared for college anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive academic program equips students to pursue their higher education goals with a high degree of confidence.
After-school Program
Our after-school program offers a variety of optional activities and clubs for all levels. Some of the activities we offer are robotics, chess, cooking, Minecraft, ultimate frisbee, art, music clubs such as guitar, piano and percussion, and sports. Extracurricular activities and clubs regularly run from 2:35pm – 3:20pm.


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities



Our News & Announcements

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