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Students are encouraged, challenged and nurtured to live their values in practical ways. Academics, extracurricular activities, community service, social interactions, sports, and even family relations are approached from a distinct God-centered perspective. A true sense of camaraderie is lived throughout the school.

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There are more than 25 nationalities represented at Lighthouse. This allows students to interact with a wide array of cultural backgrounds and traditions. These differences are celebrated and promoted, and a sense of understanding and collaboration is fostered among the school community.

More than 25 Nationalities Represented

Learner’s Profile

Students at Lighthouse are developed to acquire and demonstrate the following traits, skills and values as they become contributing citizens of a global community:

  • Love God with all their heart, mind and soul
  • Actively nurture their own spiritual life
  • Act with integrity, honesty, and responsibility, in accordance with a faith-based worldview
  • Face challenges and make choices according to Biblical principles
  • Balance intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects of their lives
  • Strive for excellence and see failure as an opportunity for growth
  • Are disciplined and accountable for their own actions and learning
  • Are responsible stewards of resources
  • Caring and compassionate toward others that comes from a Christ-like attitude and a healthy sense of self
  • Are empathetic, collaborative and cooperative
  • Respectful, open and responsive to different perspectives
  • Committed to leading and serving in the local and global community to make a positive impact in the lives of others
  • Listen and communicate effectively in diverse environments and using a variety of mediums
  • Able to communicate effectively orally, in writing and digitally
  • Readily apply critical thinking skills and take initiative in solving complex problems ethically
  • Access and manage information accurately, responsibly, creatively and wisely
  • Are inquirers who seek new and deeper understanding of information, concepts, and processes
  • Apply technology effectively to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information
  • Are knowledgeable in a wide variety of disciplines, and continuously seek to grow in their knowledge and understanding
  • Are responsible and creative risk-takers who apply their knowledge to address issues and solve problems
  • Reflect upon and thoughtfully consider the world and their own ideas, experiences and learning processes


Students are exposed to visual and performing arts classes throughout their Lighthouse experience. Providing a variety of techniques and approaches allows students to explore and develop creativity and artistic expression in many ways. Musical presentations, performing bands, art exhibits, theatrical productions, shows, photography contests, and video production are favorites among the LIS community.


Lighthouse is the home of the Eagles! As a complement to the Physical Education program, the sports program begins in Pre-School where students are taught the foundations of participatory sports.

As they grow older, they hone their skills to represent the school in various sporting events. The year is filled with special sports and physical activities for all ages – the highlight is Sports Day, celebrated with students, parents, and teachers. Middle and High School students may participate in the competitive ACTION varsity tournament – going against their peers from other schools in volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

Other sports opportunities include ultimate Frisbee, track and field, and martial arts. Our dedicated coaches share their expertise and help student-athletes grow in their skills while maintaining a focus on character building.


All Lighthouse students are expected to develop and demonstrate servant-leadership skills in daily situations and activities. Outstanding students are offered the added opportunity to be part of the National Honor Society. Activities center around serving individuals and communities outside of school. Students are also encouraged to be creative and active in the Student Council. This group of elected student-leaders develops projects to help the school, create recreational activities, and much more.


To Serve is a command (Gal. 5:13), but it is also an expression of love. The Love of God produces in our life gratitude, that only can be expressed through serving God and others (He. 6:10). As part of God’s will for our lives, serving produces in our heart great joys.

We believe service is a way to draw closer to God. The community service program is a way to teach our students to fulfill their responsibilities as members of a just society based on morals, social and Christian values. Through this service and the contact with different members of our society, each member of the Lighthouse family should live out leadership and integrity principles.


The academic program at Lighthouse is unique in that it is not only based on the highest academic standards of developmentally-appropriate material, but it is also infused with values-based activities and discussions.

Character education is central to the curriculum. The academic program begins with a curriculum structured around internationally researched standards, and into that academic program values and character education is integrated. Different concepts that are highlighted within the academic areas include social and emotional learning, moral reasoning/cognitive development, life skills education, health education, violence prevention, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and conflict resolution. These areas are supported by a Biblical understanding of the effect and influence of values including honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality, and respect.


Classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, and students conduct their learning through the use of several digital technologies from an early age. Our focus is on adapting the technological tools to a dynamic learning process that encourages students to evaluate their sources of information, think critically and apply their knowledge creatively.

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