Why educate with christian values?
It does not take a deeply spiritual person to understand that our society is in trouble.

The evidence is abundant that evil is on the rise, and that things are getting progressively worse. Our children face many obstacles on their way to adulthood – some that were not even imaginable when we were their age. But more than a fatalistic and hopeless statement of despair, this should be a call to action for all parents.

Our children are precious gifts from God, entrusted to us to equip them to be able to withstand and overcome these challenges.

Children need guidance

Children need guidance and support in their development – physical, mental and spiritual. I believe that one of the most destructive philosophies our culture has been deceived with is the one that believes children should find their own way without limits or purposeful and wise guidance. This is the parents’ job.

No good parent would allow their toddler to attempt to cross a busy street on their own, without holding their hand, teaching them to wait for the light to turn, to look both ways, and to always use the crosswalk. Why would it be any different in learning moral values?

But parents don’t need to do this alone. That is why partnering with a school that is built on godly principles is essential. Values are important, but not all of them are the same. God has provided a wonderful way for all his children to relate to Him and to each other. Developing a healthy sense of self and learning to build and nurture positive relationships, within a godly worldview, are essential ingredients for success. Children must be taught these things purposefully.

I don’t believe in bringing children up in a bubble. Children should learn to become independent and skillful contributors to their community. A collaborative effort between parents and school is needed for the next generation to make an impact for good, to be a counterculture of hope for a hurting world. God has called us to this – for His sake, our children’s and our own sake.


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