Ways to Look After Our Mental Health During the Time at Home by COVID-19
The spread of COVID-19 around the world led government authorities to lock down entire communities, cities, and nations. Schools, restaurants and many public places are closed. Now kids and parents are at home 24-hours a day until this emergency decreases and it is safe for families to go outside and return to their normal routines.

Meanwhile, having everyone at home at the same time for a long period can be challenging. The sensation of being stuck at home can affect everyone’s mental health. If you want to stay mentally healthy at home and also help those around you, we recommend that you put these next actions into practice.

– Create routines:

This helps us organize our responsibilities, but it also gives us a feeling of control over our lives in this situation in which there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.

– Connect with others:

Human beings need to relate with each other, so we can receive comfort, let ourselves go, see other realities, not focus on just our own situation, see other perspectives, etc. It is true that there are many physical restrictions at this time, but we can make use of the many options that technology offers. Contact your loves ones!

– Let’s move:

Changing physical environments (room, living room, patio, dining room, etc.) gives us “new airs” and oxygenates the brain.

– Set up moments to be with your children:

Listen to them, generate conversations with them so that you know what they are thinking, and then you can support them. Since they are not around their peer group, you become their first focus of socialization, so it’s up to you to satisfy this need.

– Free and fun time:

Inside the house, you can create moments that help distract the mind from the situation, and help to build family relationships. Examples of activities are: watching a movie with popcorn, playing board games together, doing “challenges” in the yard, DIY projects, and many more.

– Choose your battles:

Being in the same place 100% of the time, with the same people, without going out, and each having their own concerns about the situation, can cause conflicts in the family. Therefore, it is important to “choose” what is important to fight for and what is not negotiable, such as finishing school responsibilities. But there are other things that are better to “let go” and keep an environment of peace, harmony, and calm at home.

As we go through this contagious disease crisis, we can use our creativity to stay healthy not just physically, but also mentally. We can promote a good environment at home that will benefit the whole family.

We don’t know when our routines are going back to normal but in the meantime, we can apply these recommendations and ask for God’s grace over our families, communities, and nations.

Lighthouse Psychology Department


Our Mental Health During the Time at Home by COVID-19



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