Our Response to COVID-19

The first COVID-19 case in Costa Rica was reported on March 6th, 2020. Since that day the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Education have extended recommendations and instructions to all schools in the country.

Here are some FAQs of how Lighthouse has taken steps to ensure a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment since the emergency alert started in Costa Rica.


What modality does the school have for the 2021-2022 school year?

We started the school year in August 2021 under the hybrid mode for elementary, middle and high school students. The preschool students had in-person classes. Since September 14th 2021, we offer 100% in-person classes at all levels.

What special measures has LIS taken to be ready for students returning to campus?
  • We obtained our COVID-19 Safety Compliant certification through a recognized health consulting firm, ensuring we are following proper protocols and best practices.
  • We installed handwashing stations at the entrances to the campus and other key points.
  • All classrooms, offices, and common spaces were stocked with alcohol gel.
  • Markers were placed in the classrooms, hallways, and common areas to help maintain proper social distancing.
  • The classrooms have been set up to comply with social distancing regulations.
  • Socially designated trash containers have been placed in key areas for bio-waste disposal.
  • Signage has been installed throughout the campus to remind us all of the proper procedures for hand washing and sneezing and coughing protocols.
  • Our staff has received training on how to dispose of bio-waste, and the proper protocols to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Our cleaning crew has been professionally trained on how to clean and disinfect surfaces with the proper products.
  • Modified schedules and procedures have been put in place for regular school activities such as recess, lunches, and PE classes.


Will the school provide masks?

The school will stock masks for use in emergency cases only. All students must bring their own masks and bags for storing them. We recommend each student bring 3 clean masks per day (for a full-day schedule).


What if students or someone in their social bubble has COVID-like symptoms?


Students who develop COVID-like symptoms are considered suspected cases and should not come to school until there is a clear understanding of the health situation. Close contacts of confirmed cases should quarantine for 10-14 days, according to national health policies. Close contacts without symptoms of suspected cases are not required to isolate.

For official information about this topic, please refer to this document (in Spanish only) from the Ministry of Health LS-VS-001. Lineamientos Nacionales para la Vigilancia de la enfermedad COVID-19

What will happen if there is a positive case in the school?

Whenever a positive case is identified, close contacts will be notified and quarantined. The Ministry of Health will also be notified, and they will take over the process of tracking close contacts and issue quarantine orders and instructions. Only the people deemed as close contacts will be excluded from campus; all other areas will continue to function as before.


When will school officials notify community members of exclusions from campus?


Personal health information will be handled in the most discreet way possible. When a positive case is identified on campus, only those people classified as close contacts will be notified.


 Will be informed when:YesNo
 In-Person Student with illness/COVID-19 symptoms X
 In-Person Student confirmed COVID-19 PositiveX 
 Remote Student with illness/COVID-19 symptoms X
 Remote Student confirmed COVID-19 Positive X
 Faculty with illness/COVID-19 symptoms X
 Faculty confirmed COVID-19 PositiveX 
 Household Member of faculty/staff/student with illness/COVID-19 symptoms X
 Household member of faculty/staff/student COVID-19 positive X


What will happen if the school or a class is closed?

In case a class or the school is forced to close, we will return to virtual mode. Schedules and procedures will be shared with those affected.


What if I don’t agree with the protocols established by the school?

The school COVID protocols are based on the regulations established by the Ministry of Health for all schools, and adapted and applied to our school with the assistance of our consulting partner Cámara Costarricense de la Salud (CCS-PROMED).

The measures we have in place are mandatory for all staff, students, parents and visitors, and their strict observance will help minimize the risks to all of the LIS community. We will approach this process of learning and consistently applying these protocols in a formative way, as an integral part of the students’ expected behavior.  When deemed necessary, students who continuously fail to comply with these protocols, will be dealt with according to the discipline policies established in the Handbook.

Will special activities be resumed?

At this time, the following activities will be on hold until further reopening is permitted by the Ministry of Health:

  • Contact team sports
  • Field trips, Service Learning trips, camps, off-campus fun trips
  • Assemblies and large group devotionals (includes D-Groups) will only be held virtually
  • Sports Day / Family Day
  • Special events on campus with parents

At this moment, some after-school activities have resumed under strict health protocols. Students participating in these activities will remain on campus until 3:30 pm.


What if I need to meet with someone on campus?

All meetings are being held virtually. Our teachers and staff are available to meet with you via Google Meet at agreed times during normal working hours.

If I am interested in receiving information about the school, can I schedule a visit?

Yes, please contact the admissions office in advance to schedule an appointment.

Contact info: (506) 2215-2390,
WhatsApp: 8825-6402,
email: tatiana_cordero@lis.ed.cr

What are the main credible sources of information recommended by the school?

To stay informed we use these credible sources:

World Health Organization

Ministry of Health, Costa Rica

Presidencia de la República de Costa Rica

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