Our Response to COVID-19

The first COVID-19 case in Costa Rica was reported on March 6th. Since that day the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Education have extended recommendations and instructions to all schools in the country.

Through this section of our website, we want to keep you informed on the different actions we are taking as a school to protect our students, families, and staff members.

Here you can see FAQs of the most important topics since the emergency alert started in Costa Rica.


How did you respond when the coronavirus outbreak started in Costa Rica?

When the government declared a yellow alert around the spread of the coronavirus in Costa Rica, we implemented an increased level of preventive measures at Lighthouse. These were mandatory measures at school:

  • Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water for 30 seconds
  • Rub hands with alcohol gel as often as needed
  • Avoid touching face with hands
  • Practice the sneezing and coughing protocol
  • Immediately discard used tissues in a closed trash bin
  • Refrain from direct contact with other people as much as possible. Avoid physical contact when greeting others (no hugs, handshakes or kisses).
  • Refrain from sharing your food with others
  • Refrain from coming to school when ill (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, fever, diarrhea, difficulty breathing). Immediately consult your doctor. If these symptoms are observed in school, parents will be called to take their child home immediately.
  • Report to us, and do not send your child to school, if you have travelled to the identified countries with active transmission of the coronavirus in the last 14 days, or if you have had contact with a confirmed or suspected infected person.

Starting immediately, and until the yellow alert is lifted, all field trips, service learning outings, intercollegiate sports, and other outings to public places were suspended, as well as receiving groups from outside.

Also, we implemented a strict hand-washing policy for all students and staff. We were very vigilant to identify students and staff who show symptoms of illness, and our on-campus Nurse was communicating with families, and sending people home when it was needed. Our cleaning staff received instructions to increase the disinfection of surfaces.


When did the quarantine start for the Lighthouse students?

The last day on campus was March 11th. Lighthouse requested students to stay home and started a distance learning plan as a preventive measure. Then, the Ministry of Health announced a mandatory quarantine for all the schools in Costa Rica. Since then, the school has been monitoring and keeping track of the instructions given by the national authorities.


How can I contact the school during the quarantine?

During the quarantine, you can contact the main office at 2215-2393. You can also contact us via email lighthouse@lis.ed.cr or Whatsapp 8825-6402.


Are students learning from home?

Yes, during the weekend we send home the learning plans for the week. Students are participating in a distance learning program in which they have daily live sessions with their teachers and have to submit schoolwork on the digital platforms that are available for them. In these times technology has been an essential ally.


What actions is the school taking during the quarantine?

During the quarantine, we have followed the recommendations of health officials regarding our campus. We have reduced our staff on campus to a minimum. Only a few remain for security, cleaning, maintenance, and basic administrative work. Our campus has been professionally disinfected, and our cleaning staff was instructed by professionals on how to maintain the surfaces clean and virus free. We have invested in improved cleaning supplies, and are constantly making sure we follow safe distances between the few people who are on campus.


When are students returning to regular classes?

The Ministry of Health suspended regular classes indefinitely.


What are the main credible sources of information recommended by the school?

To stay informed we use these credible sources:

World Health Organization

Ministry of Health, Costa Rica

Presidencia de la República de Costa Rica


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