How can students succeed in distance learning?
How can students succeed in distance learning?

On a normal school day, students will follow routines, have breaks, interact with teachers, talk to classmates and then, they will return home to get ready for the next school day. This regular routine has been disrupted due to a global health crisis. Students were sent home to stay safe and avoid the spread of COVID-19, and thus a new learning experience began for them.

Teachers prepared distance learning plans in which students were required to use technology like never before. Students participate in video conferences, complete assignments and upload them to a digital platform or send it via email to their teachers. The days when they were in a classroom working on a desk next to a classmate are in the past. Now they are sitting in front of a computer, interacting with teachers and classmates through a screen.

This new routine is necessary for their own good, and the best thing they can do to continue with their education process is to adapt to this new learning experience.

To help students in their adaptation process, Lighthouse teachers want to share some recommendations that will lead them to succeed in their distance learning days. These practical ideas are things they can do before, during and after an online session with their teachers.

Before online sessions

● On Mondays organize the rest of the week. Make a personal plan based on the week plan you receive from your teachers.
● Keep a healthy daily schedule. Wake up at a regular time, shower, eat at regular times, exercise, have off-screen time and go to bed at a decent hour. Work hard, but also find time for fun activities, free time and time with your family.
● Write down any questions that you might have so that you come to the next session prepared to ask your teacher.

During online sessions

● Be punctual. Come to LIVE Sessions on time and prepared.
● Stay focused and pay full attention during the session.
● Avoid any distractions. Keep your cellphone away.
● Put yourself in mute so all students may hear who is talking.
● Be patient and take turns.
● Take time to send personal messages. If available, use the chat to participate or ask questions.
● Always keep at hand something to take notes.
● Turn your camera on. It makes a big difference in how engaged you feel. In times like these, feeling like a part of something is very important! We need community!
● If you are participating in a workshop, place the camera correctly, so teachers can really see you. Sometimes, the teacher will only get to see your feet or a wall. You don’t want that to happen!

After the session

● Make sure to follow all the instructions when you hand in your work.
● If you need to take pictures of your schoolwork and email them to your teacher or upload them to a digital platform, make sure to take clear and big-enough pictures. Your teachers will appreciate it!
● Ask for help if you are feeling anxious, depressed, or you feel that you can’t manage your school responsibilities. Your teachers, psychologist and learning support specialist will be willing to hear you and help you out.

With consistency, hard work, and effort, this new way of learning can become a great experience for students. We are sure that they will learn more than just academics once the quarantine is over. Going through this process will give students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and build confidence when circumstances challenge them.

Students, keep up the good work! You can do it!



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